SGMC Berrien Campus Implements Surfacide’s Innovative UV-C Robots as Part of Their Cleaning Protocols for Enhanced Patient Care

(Waukesha, WI) – February 28, 2023 – Surfacide, an industry leader in UV-C low-level disinfection technology, is proud to announce its partnership with South Georgia Medical Center’s SGMC Berrien Campus. The medical center has adopted Surfacide’s innovative technology to help ensure the highest level of patient safety and comfort.

Surfacide’s Helios System is being used in three key areas, including in the ER, psych areas and in patient rooms. Recently, the system’s trio of robots were used in the ER to disinfect a room occupied by a COVID-positive patient, demonstrating the technology’s effectiveness in preventing the spread of germs and illnesses.

The Surfacide Helios system is the only patented, low-level UV-C disinfection solution to use a trio of light emitting ‘robots’ simultaneously, significantly reducing bacteria and virus on colonized surfaces. The Helios system provides UV-C energy to more exposed areas than single devices—boosting power, dosage and efficacy in a single cycle. The system can be easily moved and configured within different high-impact areas of a hospital such as patient rooms, patient bathrooms, ORs, outpatient/ambulatory surgery, burn units, labor & delivery, isolation rooms, etc.

Even though the Berrien Campus of SGMC was built in 1964, the facility is committed to investing in new technology, and the use of Surfacide further demonstrates its continued dedication to providing the best possible patient experience for the local community. Other SGMC locations including Hospice of South Georgia and Langdale Place have also adopted the technology for patient bathrooms and resident rooms after patients vacate. In the future, the South Georgia Medical Center plans to build a two-story ER/geriatric psych unit, exemplifying its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the community. 

“Our seasoned staff, many with more than 20 years of experience, are excited Surfacide’s UV-C technology will be implemented and used at the facility, as they are dedicated to providing high quality care and services to our residents,” said Kevin Moore, Interim Administrator, SGMC Berrien Campus. 

“We are proud to expand our partnership with South Georgia Medical Center, as it is wonderful to see this facility embracing best-in-class UV-C disinfection technology to help deliver top quality care for its community.” said Gunner Lyslo, CEO & Founder of Surfacide.  


About Surfacide

Founded in 2010, Surfacide is a UV technology and infection solutions company producing scientifically proven, hospital-grade UV devices.  Surfacide’s award-winning Helios® System is the world’s only patented, triple emitter ‘robotic’ UV light solution to rapidly reduce bioburden and pathogens. A trusted partner in infection prevention, Surfacide has been deployed in over 600 leading hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, fire stations, prisons, police stations, commercial office spaces, hotels and public venues worldwide. Surfacide LLC is proud to be American-made and manufactured in Waukesha, WI.  Visit the Surfacide website to learn more or contact one of our professional support specialists at (844)-390-3538.

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