Now more than ever, “cleaning” and “disinfection” have become popular buzzwords in our society as we continue to battle emerging viruses and do our best to stay healthy, especially since most of us have returned to doing normal activities, as well as traveling. In a hospital setting, cleanliness takes on even more importance and according to a recent article in Infection Control Today, the top three trends in healthcare disinfection are: 

  • CAD Chemicals 
  • UV Technology: Innovations in Delivery Systems 
  • Disinfection of reusable Equipment 

While UV has been around and successfully utilized in the healthcare industry for years, the pandemic has brought new innovations in UV delivery systems and highlighted the effectiveness of UV disinfection, particularly when used in conjunction with manual cleaning efforts. 

“As health care environmental hygiene continues to evolve, one concept remains consistent: basic practices of cleaning and disinfection by trained and competent staff are a foundation upon which these latest technologies and updates to standards build upon. Without a skilled environment services and sterile processing team, adjuncts to daily cleaning and disinfection will not be effective. As with many [disinfection] initiatives, a bundled approach works best to target multiple steps along the chain of infection and improve both human and process factors along the way.”

With the development of improved delivery systems, more people are recognizing and applauding the power of UV-C robot technology, particularly as cleanliness is all the more top of mind as we settle back into our day-to-day activities.