At Surfacide, our implementation team is here to provide customers with best practices and professional training sessions. We maximize these efforts by introducing Surfacide Training Tips to our blog – Here you will find educational and need-to-know content that will improve how you utilize Surfacide technology in your facility. 

Training Tip #1: The Importance of Room Prep

Before running a Surfacide disinfection cycle in your space, read the six checklist items below to ensure you’ve properly prepped the area for UV-C light. 

When preparing to run a UV-C cycle, it is extremely important to understand the significance of prepping the room. Following these steps, it ensures your UV-C cycle will be effective in reducing many bacteria and viruses in that space, while reducing turnover time. 

Prior to running a UV-C cycle, make sure the space has been manually cleaned. It is important to note that UV-C disinfection does not replace manual cleaning. Position the Surfacide UV-C robots in a triangular configuration in the space. When doing so, expose any high-touch surfaces, such as keyboards, bed rails, and more, that are in direct line-of-sight of the Surfacide UV-C light robots. Lastly, make sure no linens are left on the hospital bed for proper disinfection as UV-C will not be able to penetrate the linens.