New Portal Enhances Top-Notch SURFcare Customer Service Program with Redesigned Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities, Allowing Customers to Analyze Data to Maximize Usage of Their Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System  

(Waukesha, WI) – February 20, 2024– Surfacide, a leader in UV-C disinfection technology, recently launched a new, redesigned customer portal, part of their SURFcare program. This cutting-edge online portal provides customers with seamless access to vital data from their Surfacide Helios UV-C system, amplifying the convenience and efficiency of the disinfection experience in their facilities.

The new, easy-to-navigate dashboard allows customers to analyze the following data:

  • Total cycles by year
  • Average monthly cycles
  • Whole room disinfection vs only bathroom breakdown 
  • Cycles by user log-in 
  • Shift breakdown 
  • Ability to compare facility data
  • Cycle notes 
  • Drill down specific data per widget
  • Customize data shown 

Additional features include a simpler workflow to run reports, administrators can add multiple users and room lists, and direct access to training manuals and videos from the portal.

“Our new customer portal will further elevate our SURFcare program, where best-in-class technology meets white-glove service to assist our customers in providing patients with the pinnacle of cleanliness and care,” said Gunner Lyslo, CEO and Founder of Surfacide. “The seamless access to data allows our customers to maximize the efficiency and usage of our industry-only, triple emitter Helios UV-C disinfection system.” 

The SURFcare program includes:

  • Stellar Customer Service: A dedicated account manager that provides onsite visits and ongoing support. This full-circle, 360-degree support helps customers maximize and optimize technology, software, and services.
  • Excellent Equipment Maintenance Assistance: Hassle-free replacement or exchanges to minimize downtime of UVC disinfection equipment, and easily exchange a safety motion sensor, tablet, and emitter for any non-working items. Plus, receive one total lamp system replacement during the life of the system.
  • Advanced Analytics: The just-announced newly designed dashboard with its robust selection of widgets that can be customized to analyze data in a variety of ways, allowing customers to easily and quickly access real-time data or create scheduled reports to be sent to their inbox.