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We bridge the gap of traditional, manual cleaning methods with the simple-to-use disinfection power of UVC to make environments better for everyone.

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    How it Works

    Our technology produces UVC energy at 254 nm, which causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA and RNA.. The formation of such bonds prevents the DNA and RNA from being unzipped for replication, leaving the organism challenged to reproduce.

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    Inverse Square Law

    Based on the laws of physics, our process for delivering UVC energy at 254 nm uses the concept of Inverse Square Law. It states that every time the distance is doubled, the intensity of light energy is reduced to a fourth of its power. For example, if the distance from an emitter to a surface increases from one foot to four feet, we are left with only 1/16 of the energy. That’s why our process uses multiple emitters to decrease distance.

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    Why it Works

    UVC energy is completely absorbed by the ozone layer. Because of this, not all bacteria and viruses will be exposed. Low-level UVC disinfection will greatly reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses, but won’t eliminate them completely. That’s why we use multiple emitters to reduce distance from cleaning surfaces and increase dosage, achieving an industry-leading 6-log reduction when used after manual cleaning efforts.

  • 3 are better than 1

    Surfacide’s triple emitter system, Helios, outperforms Autonomous UVC technology by addressing a larger surface area and a stronger dose of UVC light in less time.

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  • Time.

A trio of emitters operate together to reduce shadows and direct more UVC energy on more surfaces.

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Efficiently deliver more energy to more surfaces through the use of multiple emitters.

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Helios do not require robot repositioning, resulting in short cycle times and increased staff productivity.

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99.9999% disinfection

Our process is the gold-standard in UVC disinfection. Without the need for complex set up or staff intervention, multiple emitters simultaneously disinfect with industry-leading effectiveness in a single cleaning cycle. Set it, turn it on, and leave until it’s done—that’s it.

Helios UV-C Disinfection System

As an adjunct to manual cleaning and driven by an evidence-based process of millions of cycles, this high-quality, proven UVC disinfection solution follows the FDA requirements of achieving 99.9999% disinfection (6-log reduction) to eliminate vegetative forms of bacteria, some fungi, and lipid viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

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