Setting the industry standard by achieving 99.9999% disinfection in less time and labor, Surfacide® maximizes the power of UVC disinfection in a proven, simple-to-use, and easily transported 3-emitter system.

Why Surfacide?

Innovative technologies + superior customer service establish Surfacide as your premier partner for easier, better, and safer disinfection.

Industries We Serve

Driven by an evidence-based process, our high-quality and proven solutions bridge the gap of traditional, manual cleaning methods with the simple-to-use disinfection power of UVC to make environments better for everyone—for the healthcare industry and beyond.

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Surfacide’s UVC disinfection technology emits high-intensity UV-C light to disrupt the DNA and RNA of vegetative forms of bacteria, some fungi and lipid viruses, inactivating the organisms.

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Healthcare Acute
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Take a mulitfaceted approach to your manual cleaning efforts with Surfacide UVC technology, an effective tool in reducing dangerous vegetative forms of bacteria, some fungi, and lipid viruses, inactivating the organisms.

Healthcare Non-Acute
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UVC disinfection technology complements existing cleaning protocols to provide additional protection against harmful organisms and helps cultivate cleanliness in everyday spaces.

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Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics across the United States are reducing bioburden by arming themselves with Surfacide’s state-of-the-art UVC disinfection technology for hard surfaces.


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Innovative programs & services to
ensure patient satisfaction

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An innovative program to help improve your facility’s HCAHPS scores and build patient loyalty.

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One point of contact for all of your customer service needs, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

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An integrated UVC disinfection program specifically for sterile and segregated compounding rooms.

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  • The best housekeeping in the world will miss a crack, but supplementing our cleaning with this technology differentiates us. Surfacide’s log reduction is better than anything else you’ll see.

    Brent DeBona
    Resident Regional Dir. Operations, Environmental Services, Allegheny Health Network

  • For me, it’s a partnership. Surfacide’s customer service goes a long way.

    Allen McDaniel
    Supervisor, VA Hospital

  • The shortest difference between 2 points is a straight line. Surfacide has the only system with the shortest line between 2 points because of their 3-emitter system. It works.

    Dr. Julie Mangino
    The Ohio State University Medical Center

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