As we bid farewell to the third quarter of 2023, we want to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the top accounts in the Surfacide UV-C ecosystem. These accounts are making a significant impact in their facilities by utilizing UV-C disinfection:

  • James Cancer Center at Ohio State University
  • Hospital Angeles Mexico
  • Ohio State University Wexner
  • Georgetown
  • Harbor Hospital
  • Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
  • Washington Hospital Center
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Hospital Angeles Acoxpa

Use of UV-C disinfection technology in pediatrics creates a safe haven for young patients and families. Special recognition goes to:

  • Children’s Los Angeles
  • Holtz Children’s Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Within the VA healthcare network, dedication to our veteran’s well-being is evident. Leading the way in ensuring a secure and hygienic environment includes:

  • Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
  • Las Vegas VA Medical Center
  • John D Dingell VA Medical Center

By embracing Surfacide’s UV-C disinfection technology, the commitment of these accounts to the health of their patients is truly commendable.