Disinfecting our Seniors’ Community

Senior living and assisted living communities were some of the hardest hit populations during the pandemic. In part, this is due to the nature and operations of senior living communities. Residents gather daily to eat, socialize and attend activities, making it difficult to keep SARS-CoV-2 from spreading. It was crucial to find ways to improve cleaning practices in senor living communities.

Dedicated to Five Stars

Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System, a senior-and assisted-living community (CCRC) in Munster, Indiana, was among one of the successful facilities across the country to enhance their cleaning procedures during the pandemic. In fact, Hartsfield Village was able to increase their CMS STAR-rating from 4 to 5 stars and avoid costly penalties. These outstanding results were accredited to five intervention implemented by Hartsfield Village leadership and staff.

Top 5 Interventions

Thanks to five interventions, Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System improved their overall CMS STAR-rating.


In addition to routine cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces, Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System incorporated the Surfacide Helios low-level UV-C System, a trio of UV-C robots, to routinely and thoroughly disinfect patient care areas, therapy gyms, common areas, staff offices and other spaces as identified. The Surfacide System allowed Hartsfield Village to reduce many bacteria and viruses in high-traffic areas.


Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System focused on reinforcing new cleaning protocols as well as proper use of PPE. By providing continual education as well as surveillance, the Hartsfield Village team ensured both staff and residents were using available PPE efficiently and effectively.


Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System established methods to provide daily phone and/or written updates to all patients, residents and family members. The goal with this communication was to keep patients and family members informed of the facility and county pandemic status. Additionally, it provided the education and resources necessary to ensure the overall status of the community.


The Admissions team developed a thorough screening process for all new admissions, which included SARS-CoV-2 testing prior to admission. The facility developed a system for bed management that allowed Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System to place and/or cohort patients and residents.


The nursing administration team implemented a comprehensive assessment of all patients and residents each shift. Symptoms were identified and addressed without delay for all patients and residents. All employees and essential healthcare personnel continue to be screened prior to entry into Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System, which includes a temperature check. The employee health nurse worked continuously with staff to identify and manage reported symptoms appropriately.

Stronger Together

Each day, the environmental staff at Hartsfield Village Community Healthcare System took a very strict approach to their cleaning regimen: wiping down all high-touch surfaces and concluding with Surfacide UV-C System disinfection cycles (in common areas, newly identified target areas, and proactive apartment disinfections).

The pandemic introduced an unprecedented set of circumstances in healthcare and beyond, affecting every area of our lives. The dedicated team at Hartsfield Village rose to the challenge each day, providing outstanding care and service while putting our residents, patients, and employees first. We utilized state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Surfacide UV system, in our quest to both serve and support those who live and work in our community. I am exceptionally proud of our team and our outcomes.

Leslie Darrow, Vice President Post-Acute Services, Community Healthcare System