Earlier this year, Surfacide sued industry competitor UVC Cleaning Systems (UVCCS), alleging infringement of four of Surfacide’s patents. Last month, the parties settled Surfacide’s lawsuit. While the details of the settlement are confidential, both parties agreed to the following: “Surfacide and UVCCS have settled the Action amicably, and as part of the settlement UVCCS has agreed that Surfacide’s U.S. Patent Nos. 8,895,939, 9,272,059, 9,782,505; and 10,568,981 are entitled to a presumption of validity and that the claims of each of those patents are valid and enforceable.”

Patent infringement is a serious offense that materially impacts the patent owner and the industry at large. As the regulatory landscape for UVC manufacturers is finally starting to take shape, it is more important than ever for leaders like Surfacide to defend against presumed infringing technology that utilizes Surfacide’s intellectual property in an attempt to perform at the level that Surfacide does. 

Surfacide is the only patented UV-C disinfection system to use multiple emitters simultaneously in a single cycle to reduce shadows and direct more UVC energy on surfaces. If others tell you they can do the same, check the facts—as they may be inducing you into patent infringement subjecting you to serious recourse.  It is critical to recognize that those who purchase or deploy infringing technology are also infringing and as a result, may be subject to the same laws as the company that sold them the  technology.  Surfacide has vigorously and successfully defended our intellectual property on multiple occasions and will continue to do so aggressively in the future, not only to protect our innovations, but also for the betterment of our industry. To date, Surfacide has been granted 37 patents and has 13 patents pending.

—Gunner Lyslo, Founder and CEO, Surfacide