Research Snapshot: A Randomized Clinical Trial Studying the Effect of Improving Basic Preventive Measures in the Perioperative Arena on Staphylococcus aureus Transmission and Surgical Site Infections

In this randomized clinical trial, Dr. Randy Loftus, M.D., studies the effect of improving basic preventative measures as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the perioperative arena on S. aureus transmission and surgical site infections. 

The Objective: 

To reduce S. aureus transmission associated with surgical site infections by implementing an evidence-based bundle optimized by surveillance with targeted UV-C treatment of high-risk rooms exposed to S. aureus transmission and comparing with the usual care cleaning method.

Randy Loftus, M.D., and his team collected samples from 236 perioperative participants to determine the incidence rate of S. aureus (staph) pre- and post-surgery.

Control Group (CG): 

Received usual care cleaning protocol.

Treatment Group (TG):

Received evidence-based bundle optimized by surveillance with UV-C.

Surfacide Helios Triple UV-C Light System was included in the evidence-based bundle (TG).

Findings of This Study Conclude: 

Research found that the evidence-based multifaceted program (TG), generated substantial reductions in both S. aureus transmission and SSls.

  • TG had reduced number of transmitted perioperative staph isolates
  • TG reduced incidence of staph transmission by surgeon
  • Treatment reduced risk of surgical site infection

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